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Space Shuttle Ship Frame Custom Welding

Space Shuttle Shipping Frame and Test Flight Support Hanger

A&E...Doing our part to keep America in space with quality welding and fabrication. We created the test flight support hanger, transport frame and tongue for the Dream Chaser space project. View the YouTube video to see these components in action.

Custom Metal Parts

Cylinder Lugs

We can produce parts that may not be readily available to fit your specific requirements.

Aluminum Metal Work

Aluminum Hydraulic Tank

Exacting craftsmanship, great weld lines and superior attention to detail are hallmarks at A&E.

custom metal parts

Tube Extensions

Some parts are just not available 'on the shelf.' We strive to produce the parts you need. We turn out spot-on drilling and quality welding.

Custom machining

Fairlead Support

Our machinists create quality machine work every time. Bring us your idea and your plan.

Custom Welding

Tee Brace

If you need a brace, chances are we can make it to fit your specific requirements.

Metal modifications

Truck Bed Project

We can modify existing equipment to handle many needs.

Industrial Custom Welding

Industrial Tube Frame

The manufacturing industry and A&E just go together. Jobs large and small are completed with the same excellent, consistent quality.

Welding Projects for Manufacturing industry

Wall Panel for Tube Frame

A&E handles structural welding projects for the manufacturing industry. We turn out projects large and small to meet the needs of our customers.

Industrial custom welding

Railroad Brace

We build quality industry-specific parts for the transportation sector.

plasma cutting and laser cutting machines

Retail Mannequin Stand

We create practical parts with care and craftsmanship. This elegant stand will support an effective retail display.

metal drilling, metal bending

Triangle Base

Clean cuts, accurate drilling, perfect bends - it's the way parts are made here at A&E.

custom machine work

Turn Buckles

A&E means excellence in machine work with parts tailored to your specifications. Let's talk about what we can make for you.

custom machining

Heavy Duty Umbrella Bracket

Looking for a unique part, a special shape or size? Unique parts are just part of what we do.

Industrial Welding

Industrial Coupling Housing

We can form shapes to meet many needs, incorporating stylish metal work with quality welding.